Wednesday, April 22, 2020

2020 Tech - keep re visiting as we post more work

We had some technical difficulties with new server installs but its all fixed again
Our Google slideshows and classroom links were changed so lets start again with new links
We have linked to the Google Classrooms and to some of the Assignments

Covid 19 Response

Bedroom to Classroom

Minecraft Challenge
Part of the lockdown tech' challenge for Earth Day

Makerspace Term 2
We are researching, designing and making sandpit diggers for the juniors
The overalls are all part of the uniform !

Photoshop Project
we got this idea from Adobe and decided to expand on it more - and the results were outstanding..
when we return to school we will post these up... Brilliant work  !!

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Term 4 2019

This term it is all about looking after ones self - health and well being...

The challenge was to work out a good "tech" slant to it... and as usual we came up with a good one !

It fits well with "hard tech" but is not WOOD


hard enough for you !  haha !

We are currently looking at a happy place, stress and nerves and a de stress method !

Now we are looking at makiong gifts for 5 people we know - with the stipulation its made by hand !

The we looked at the criteria for the project - the materials we will use

water sand and cement !

now they go away and research what could be made with these materials as a craft / gift possibility !

Good luck !

more next week.....

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Perception Neuron and iClone

Imagine "Lord of the Rings" - remember Golim - how the digital character moved round - it was controlled by an actor in a "suit"
"incredible technology"

Now what about this - we have a "suit" too - and its got so much potential - we have spent last term "playing with it" and getting to know the suit - the programme and then Iclone 7 as well....
This term we have had some incredible success and we got it going - thats a milestone !

A pictures worth a 100 words - watch this and see the excitement in the boys voices......

...... now that has possibilities !!!!

We are going to partner this with character creator so even better !
there's lots of just in time learning going on right now....

Friday, August 16, 2019

STEAM Lessons with Chinese Students

August 12-16 saw 29 Chinese students visit MVS to complete a week long course on their STEAM Water Turbine lessons with students at MVS
Mr Gover was away so Mrs Sutton stepped in and completed the 5 lessons for him.
Mr Gover said he was extremely jealous he missed out on the lesson but Mrs Sutton - Room 17 students and the 29 chinese students all worked so hard during the week to complete the design and prototypes
Here are a series of photos of the week
Monday was getting to know each other with the first stages of planning underway

Tuesday and Wednesday were all about the research, planning, design and most importantly getting the measurements right - measure twice cut one was the motto as we didnt have endless supplies of materials

Thursday was the day we saw it all come together - all the planning, the discussion, the prototyping in cardboard helped make the final prototype come to being.....we got to glue it together and it started to come together....

Friday 3:00 and the day was over but for most groups they didnt get it all completed ... probbly a time issue but not because we wasted time - more because we just had so much to do and not enough time... but the results were brilliant !
we were so proud of what we had achieved and there was more to do. Our Chinese students had to go but Room 17 will truck on next week and finish the water turbines off and send a video to the Chinese students when they have finished

Thursday, July 25, 2019

GATE classes this year

Year 5 Coding

Year 2 Electronics

Term 3 Posts

We will put all the details here so keep coming back to this page for the general stuff - extras will be separate posts

Term 2 posts

We will put all the details here so keep coming back to this page for the general stuff - extras will be separate posts