Thursday, September 27, 2018

Minecraft Worlds to view

We got each group in each class to tell us about their world in 30 seconds

Yes - some went over  - but some of the worlds are looking fantastic

So much time - effort and creativity went into them !

Room FLS  #1

Room FLS  #2

Room 25

Room 26

Room 29

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Perception Neuron

This, for us, is a major highlight for our Tech' for the year
We are on a steep learning curve and have just started and we have lots of students lining up to join..

Little steps and we are hitting the ground running...

Thanks to the staff at Reallusion for helping us get it all organised and sorted

Watch this space !!!!!

Perception Neuron 1

Perception Neuron short for MVTV

STEAM Classes with China

We have 4 teachers this term who are having Dual classes of STEAM with classes in China.

Room 15 STEAM

BEATOP - the software we use to communicate with China

We also had a group of Chinese students visit Marina View School for a week to have an intensive STEAM course with our students

China 1

China 2

China 3

China 4

China evaluation - reflection

Term 3 Inquiry and Technology

This term we have an exciting project for everyone
They are going to look at Art and Culture for the first 3 weeks and do a 3D family Tree
Thats a big project to complete in 3 weeks but it is achievable

Senior Word Cloud

In week 4 to 10 we will be researching our own chosen topic about a particular country culture or a part in history that interests them - example - Pirates, Vikings, The Eifel Tower, Egypt

They then do the research and present their findings as a google slideshow
Once they have done this they then build the city - town building, structure in Minecraft.

Each group will assign different aspects of the build and then, using the 4C's work on completing the "world" before week 10 when they present it to class.
This will also be presented in the Art Exhibition in Week 10 in the hall

Here are some videos we made to go on MVTV to show what we are doing during the term

Export the world

Minecraft Seniors

Minecraft August 30

After we had made our world we looked back on how we did and reflected on the result
Minecraft reflection

 Sophie and Ali    Sophie and Ali were making some art projects to compliment their research for their art and culture topic

We have posted videos to Flipgrid on what the students have achieved throughout the term. If you go to Linc-Ed on your child's login then you will be able to view their video and the Minecraft Reflection slideshow they made as well

Monday, June 25, 2018

GATE programmes throughout the school - Term 3

We are all doing some great GATE programmes throughout the school so we decided to highlight these as well.
They go from Year 2 to year 6 so have a look at some of these

Year 6 Bonus footage

Year 2 Carrot Piano

Year 6 Sketchup

Year 2 August

Year 5 GATE 3D

Year 5-6 GATE 3D

William Lobster

Crazytalk 30-7

Electric Knee  this was part of the MakeyMakey project with the year 2 students

Crazytalk 15 may

Crazytalk 24 may

Kahootz y2

Kahootz y2 fin  

Y6 sketchup

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Term 2 so far ... updated version

This term we are incorporating STEAM into our Inquiry topic and we have had lots of fun making different projects

These have been researched and made as a prototype - they will work - but may need further development - all this in 3 weeks !!!!

have a look at the videos to see what we are doing - more to come !

General working scenes at the beginning   -    

A wind turbine   -   Wind turbine  

Pedal power from a bike and a 3v motor  -

A water turbine from plastic bottles and caps  -  

Growing crystals

Crystal update    

Pinhole camera

Boys battery test  

Elephant toothpaste  

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Welcome to Term 1 2018 - keep re visiting here

This term we are looking at using different types of technology to help us with our learning.
We are refining our skills in using different types of software and programmes to enhance our learning...

In the next few weeks we are looking at google forms, survey monkey, edpuzzle and flipgrid to enhance our learning and help us with evaluation and reflection....

Technology is great when it works and today was no exception -  ! some things just didn't work !

Our WALTS for today included :

WALHT - change our perception on how we view the world

WALHT - develop empathy  towards  people less fortunate than ourselves

We talked about homelessnes and child poverty and feeding the needy and what we could do about it
We realized we didn't know a lot about the organisations that can help them so we are doing quite a bit of research about the different agencies

We used edpuzzle to view a video and give feedback about it and looked at some amazing statistics around the topic
While the figures were big we decided it was more embarrassing, sad and terrible that people in NZ and children in NZ are going hungry and living below the poverty line...

We answered a few questions and then recorded our responses in a video

here are a few videos so far... (COMING)

We did some short videos so look at these

Room 24 tech 

Room 25 tech 

Room 26 tech 

Room 29 tech 

We looked at what a good lunch was then rated our own lunch

Rate my lunch

Mr M did some Food tech with his class and they cooked up a storm !

Mr M food tech   kq6P0WnqbUI